Values of the SBI’s Team

At the heart of our approach to team building are shared values that unite staff members of the Bureau. The implementation of these values in everyday activities will ensure effective work, unhindered internal communication and a constructive atmosphere in the team. This, in turn, will help to achieve maximum efficiency in the implementation of the tasks assigned to the Bureau.

The main values of the Bureau team are:

  • integrity;
  • professionalism;
  • determination and responsibility;
  • teamwork and equality of opportunity.

Integrity is a core value for anyone who has chosen to work in law enforcement agencies. A fair justice system begins with the personal integrity of each law enforcement officer or judge. The work aimed at investigating crimes committed by high-ranking officials is associated with significant corruption risks, as criminals do not adhere to any principles. Therefore, in the Bureau team, we see people who are able to resist the temptation to gain illegal benefits. A system for detecting and preventing corruption risks will be introduced in the Bureau's activities.

Professionalism, continuous training and personal development are prerequisites for the investigation of crimes within the Bureau's jurisdiction. Law-breakers have access to the advanced technology, financial and human resources. Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation should not just be professionals, but constantly acquire new knowledge and skills to detect and prevent criminal actions of high-ranking officials.

Determination and responsibility. Working in law enforcement agencies always involves a willingness to take justified risks, but in strict compliance with the laws of Ukraine and human rights and freedoms. Determination in action, courage and lightning-fast response must be accompanied by a willingness to take responsibility for their consequences.

Teamwork and equality of opportunity. Last but not least to create a real team is the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all employees, regardless of sex, age, nationality, religion or other views. A deep understanding that we are jointly doing something important for the state should be the basis for effective interaction among all employees and structural units of the Bureau on the basis of equality and mutual respect.